Turnkey Publishing

We provide an end-to-end publishing solution from ideation to printing and distribution stages. We collaborate with project owners to develop ideas into publishable content. Furthermore, if the project has a revenue generating component, we help transform the published content into a commercial-ready product.

We are also happy to collaborate on existing published content. We can help to:

  • Enhance the quality of the publication.
  • Create additional content for the publication.
  • Create alternative versions of the publication (for alternative purposes/markets).
  • Split the original into smaller publications.

By undertaking the processes above, we can help to maximize the commercial value of existing publications by refreshing, renewing, or refurbishing the content to create new value.

How does it work?

Our typical turnkey publishing projects are carried out in the following 7 stages.

Client Consultation

After receiving an enquiry, we’ll start an initial consultation with you. This is typically done in a face-to-face meeting, as the discussion may involve presentation of past publications and sample designs to facilitate exchanging of ideas. The initial consultation is important for us to understand your requirements and expectations, so that we may propose a solution that best meet your project’s needs. As part of the initial consultation, we’ll provide different publishing options for your consideration, as well as point you in the right direction where needed.

Scoping the Project

Once a suitable publishing solution has been identified, we’ll sit down with you to scope out the project’s requirements thoroughly. This is important, as the project’s scope determines the amount of time and resources needed for us to deliver the project successfully. During the project scoping stage, more ideas are exchanged freely to refine any requirements set out earlier during the initial consultation stage, or you may wish to discard certain requirements that have become redundant. In any case, we remain flexible during the project scoping stage, and there is still ample opportunity for you to make up your mind.

Preparing the Proposal

Once the project’s scope has been confirmed, a proposal detailing the deliverables of the project from various stages of the publishing process will be prepared. Deliverables may include book design, book size, layout design, extent, content structuring, content flow, reporting and graphical styling. The proposal enables you to envision how the final published product will look like, such that you may make an informed decision about how best your project should take shape. Changes are still possible at this stage. Minor changes will be included in an updated proposal, while major changes may require the preparation of a new proposal altogether.

Project Kickoff

Once the proposal is accepted and relevant documentations have been processed, the project will kickoff in earnest. We’ll provide a timeline for the project and specify publishing milestones and checkpoints. Typically, publishing milestones include draft submissions of chapters for review, but can include other items customized to your requirements. If there are any other requirements you’ll like us to take note of during the execution of the project, feel free to let us know at this stage.

Project Execution

During the project execution stage, the bulk of the publishing activities takes place. Depending on the project type, the project execution stage may span from weeks to months, so we’ll be sure to keep in constant communication with you. The two-way communication enables us to stay in-sync while we focus on completing the deliverables, guided by the publishing milestones. In the meantime, sit back and relax as we shoulder the load of the work!

Feedback by Stages

After every publishing milestone submission, we’ll confer with you on how the current progress is moving. Feedback is solicited on the submitted deliverables, providing an opportunity for both parties to keep the project on track and on target. Depending on the nature of the project and the number of stakeholders involved in the project, the feedback duration may last anywhere from a few days to one/two weeks. This ensures that any unexpected “shocks” can be avoided. The feedback process is recurring and will take place after every publishing milestone submission.


Once all publishing milestones have been satisfactorily met, the project can proceed for finalization. Work at this stage will gradually wind down, as we tidy up loose ends, make final proofings, and prepare the print-ready copy of the publication. The project will exit the publishing stage and enter the next stage of its life cycle, which is the printing and distribution stage. If you’re considering traditional printing and distribution, you’ll need to source for printers and distribution partners. If you’re considering digital distribution, you’ll need to decide on the different channels that you wish to distribute your content. If you have questions on how best to do this, you’re welcome to consult us. We’ll be happy to help point you in the right direction.

Why Turnkey Publishing?

Immediate access to quality production at the professional level
Access to full publishing services under one roof
Saves time as you focus on other important tasks
Peace of mind as we ensure successful publication
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The 6 stages of publishing

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