In April 2018, Eigis Publishing collaborated with the Malaysian Iron and Steel Industry Federation (“MISIF”) to publish its 13th Report on Status and Outlook of the Malaysian Iron and Steel Industry 2018 and 2019 (“13th Report”). For the 13th Report, MISIF wanted a fresh approach for its biennial flagship report, and we were invited to propose our ideas against competing ones.

Initial Assessment

The 12th report was a comprehensive report. However, there were a few areas where we believed we could add value and improve on.

  • The flow of the report. We wanted to improve on the arrangement of chapters and the content linkage between the chapters, such that there is a contextual and logical flow to the report.
  • The layout of the report. We wanted to arrange the layout of charts and texts in a more consistent and logical manner to ease identification/location of information throughout the report.
  • The graphical design of the report. The design of the 12th report was relatively “academic” and plain due to the nature of the report’s content. We wanted to inject more vibrancy to the report through better book and layout designs.
  • The data analysis and insights of the report. We wanted to increase the number of insights extracted from the same sets of data to strengthen the analysis of the report.
  • The data visualization of the report. We wanted to inject infographics where possible to better engage the reader and aid visual understanding of the report’s critical contents.
  • The frameworking of challenges and recommendations. We wanted to address the industry’s challenges and recommendations in a more robust and structured manner.

We presented our ideas (with an estimated timeline and cost) to the project committee overseeing the publication of the report. Subsequently, our proposal won against competing proposals, and Eigis Publishing was appointed to undertake the complete writing and publishing of the 13th Report.

Featured Areas of Improvement

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Why Eigis Publishing?

  • Fresh ideas proposed for the publication of the 13th Report.
  • Experienced in publishing business and research reports.
  • Experienced and highly qualified business writers.
  • Capable of undertaking independent research (i.e. interviews with industry CEOs and stakeholders).
  • Turnkey publishing solution provider with minimal disruption to MISIF.
  • Full publishing services, including graphics and cover design.
  • Responsive and reliable service.
  • Competitive pricing.

Project Scope

Eigis Publishing was appointed as the turnkey publisher for the 13th Report. The following list includes the main project responsibilities undertaken by us.

  • Subject matter internalization.
  • Progress management.
  • Writing, rewriting, and enhancement of report contents.
  • Full infographics for executive summary.
  • Complete graphic and book design.
  • Complete image and cover design.
  • Data analysis and visualization.
  • Contextualization.
  • Primary interviews with CEOs and industry stakeholders.
  • Discussion guide design.
  • Interview scheduling.
  • Transcripting and qualitative analysis.
  • Comprehensive secondary research.
  • Leading project committee meetings.
  • Editorial and proofing.
  • Preparation of print-ready copy.
  • Public presentation during report launching.


The project kicked-off in April 2018 and was completed in August 2018 (5 months). The publication will be officially launched in September 2018.

Publication Details

Title : 13th Report on Status and Outlook on the Malaysian Iron and Steel Industry 2018/2019
Executive Summary : Executive summary of the 13th Report
Chapter 1 : Global Iron and Steel Industry Outlook
Chapter 2 : South East Asian Iron and Steel Industry Outlook
Chapter 3 : Malaysian Iron and Steel Industry Profile
Chapter 4 : Malaysian Iron and Steel Industry Performance
Chapter 5 : Challenges for the Malaysian Iron and Steel Industry
Chapter 6 : Charting the Way Forward
Extent : 180 pages (with advertisements)
157 pages (without advertisements)
Book Size : A4 (100gsm glossy art paper)
Cover : A4 (260gsm art card, matte lamination + spot UV)
Printing Specs : 4C+4C
Binding : Perfect Bind
RRP : MYR500.00

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